Detective Panasenkov
The Good, the honor and glory!
Vladimir Vladimirovich
+7 (985) 990-98-48
+7 (926) 997-47-47
skype: v.v.p-x
Confidentiality guaranteed!


  • A high level of customer service
  • An individual approach to each client
  • Confidentiality of information
  • The reliability of the information provided
  • Operative solving problems
  • Analytical approach
  • Help preferential categories of citizens, is also found themselves in difficult situations
  • Availability of license and a contract for the provision of security services or detective

Principles of work of our Agency:

  • We do not share received during the information to third parties.
  • We will not enter the client's confusion about his problems.
  • We will not reveal the apartment.
  • We do not sell non-lethal weapons and special equipment
  • We do not work with clients whose goals are not clear to us or cause doubts.
  • We do not work with clients who do not leave the coordinates for the feedback.
  • We do not operate under the "payment by results"