Marianna Abramyan
Never thought that in my life there will be such situation that it is necessary to address to services of the private detective. I am a journalist and worked at one of federal channels, in the program, just and was about a crime! Neither time, nor forces wasn't to carry out long research on the Internet! Having rung out some agencies, stopped on Alpha gross domestic product, probably purely intuitively! For very short time to me could help, the most important that to my analytical mentality it became clear that I never could will cope with this situation! Everything was made very professionally and accurately, and the main thing within the law, I can estimate it, worked much with law enforcement agencies! The contract in which all works and the prices are registered was issued! Pleasantly, that it were absolutely human sums and terms! I would like to express huge gratitude personally to Vladimir Vladimirovich Panasenkov and huge gratitude from me personally and from my family! Because could it will turn out so that it would be simple to write this letter not to whom … Yours faith fulli.
Rufimsky Nikolay
I, Rufimsky Nikolay Alekseevich and my civil wife Luchkina Natalia Ivanovna, also all our relatives, friends - we want to express huge gratitude to all staff of detective agency of "Alpha gross domestic product" and its head Panasenkov Vladimir, for the timely help in the solution of our hard problem, it is possible to tell - trouble! Everything was made qualitatively and operatively, high level of professionalism is shown! We recommended this agency to many acquaintances, friends. We know, helped much, all remained are very happy with their work. Saw their motto on a wall at office - ”Advantage, Honour and Glory”. Yours faithfully and gratitude!
Bakhadori Natalia
I, Bakhadori Natalia Aleksandrovna in the life the writer – the orientalist. In 2011 Moscow helped to get for the relatives of 2 rooms in a communal flat to the address Leskov St. the house 3. According to documents everything was lawful, and here to become populated it appeared the Big problem! Bulk of residents visitors from regions. We were interfered in every possible way by our neighbors: daily scandals, changes of locks, calls of militia, threat of their friends etc. Called in the realtor company which sold housing – your problems told now, solve. Thought that they – found suckers in arrangement to my neighbors and "pushed" housing! Appealed to court for installation - it sufficed for 2 weeks. Our stay there became intolerable, hands began to fall. Rang round many lawyers, law firms, in one of them to me they suggested to address to detectives from "Alpha gross domestic product" with them somehow worked told that they had a similar subject. On soul it was disturbing – and suddenly again it will not turn out. Phoned to agency, met Vladimir and Roman, told the problem. Attentively listened, asked quite logical, correct questions, at the end of conversation asked a pause in some days for sketches of the plan of work. Called in 2 days, told that are ready to work. Met at them at office on Suvorovskaya Square, I listened to them the offer: not simply, but it is angry! On August 3, 2011 signed the contract, made an advance payment into their account, without waiting payment confirmations they broke. The plan of work was very good, but our family doubted that it will turn out. And so one after another: week on preparation for action, reported that made therefore to point (all their actions on work, I pronounced with lawyers, they didn't find defects, but advised to be more careful since in the apartment there were two minor children of my "neighbors"). And here day of "H" is appointed, at 9-00 met detectives, on their sure persons, I understood that EVERYTHING will turn out. On a place there was a dress from "Bibirevo's" Department of Internal Affairs, the district police officer whose territory, the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations on SVAO, the police officer who was earlier executing a judgment, even a film crew from the local channel. The crowd of locals gathered, shouted, if is not under the law - will tear all, despite shoulder straps, savages in a word!!! Action passed peacefully, but in intense, even in places to an explosive situation. It is necessary to pay tribute to endurance and composure of staff of agency and participating persons who didn't give in on numerous provocations from neighbors and them «groups of support». Result: praise to the ALLAH a problem was solved and finished, my relatives live in this apartment, very much are on friendly terms with neighbors and have even no slightest problems! We are proud that professionals as detective agency "Alfa-VVP", their high-quality work we and even often remember ours now remarkable neighbors and their friends worked at us! Good luck to you in your hard work, the Siberian health and the Caucasian longevity to you and your relatives, friends, happiness. Yes the Allah stores you!
Vladimir, Roman
Vladimir, Roman. Big human to you thanks. You very much helped our family to understand in confused and not to an easy problem! Your work was accurately organized at highly professional level, good fellows!! If not your timely help, there would be irreversible consequences in our life. We wish you many grateful clients in your hard and interesting profession. It was very pleasant to deal with your agency - seldom presently you will meet honest, professional and sympathetic people. Yours faithfully, Queens Denis, Ekaterina!
Vladimir Vladimirovyoich, in the face of leadership «Major Auto Trans» grateful for the individual approach to our problem, and accuracy, professional solutions. We will recommend your agency to my colleagues, partners and friends. Yours faithfully!
Our family
Our family, expresses sincere gratitude to employees «gross domestic product Alpha» which for a short time made impossible, namely seized evidence, served in court indisputable facts of innocence of my relative accused on Art. 228 ч.3, which lawyer Putilov I.A. used these proofs as "trumps", in due time throwing them in not without that hot process of legal proceedings. A result is as follows: "foes", having framed up the relative, wanted to plant for 15 years, and as a result of 2 year conditionalli!
CDOS OAO"Aèro-trans"
Dear team Alfa-VVP ", Vladimir, Andrey, we thank you for your professional work! Also our sincere gratitude to the psychologist-consultant, Natalia for a specific and individual approach in solving our problem! We hope for the further effective, fruitful cooperation.
Hamidov Ali, Zakerov Saltan
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