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The Good, the honor and glory!
Confidentiality guaranteed!

Our agency was created by solid team of professionals of FSB, FSO which under force to solve a question of any complexity, to find a way out of the most confused situation.

We are competent of the solution of problems of any complexity and the direction, for private and legal entities. The staff of detective agency in the activity uses only effective methods of the work leading to planned result. It is not necessary to hope that the various problems concerning private life or professional activity, once to be resolved by itself!

The solution of another's problems is that we do professionally. Trust in our experience, professionalism and we will do the utmost and even impossible to help you!

Rendering detective services, we approach to any problem objectively. Even insignificant business is surely analyzed, the true reasons of an origin of a problem are established. We always render to clients full assistance.

Our clients on advantage estimated our work. Today they recommend to the friends and acquaintances to address at emergence of unpleasant situations in Alfa-VVP agency.

  • We consist in the International Police Association (IPA) therefore we can work worldwide!
  • We consist in Association of Veterans of special divisions and special services "Centre-Veteran".
  • We consist in Detective Alliance. Russian Union of Professional Investigators.
  • We consist in CIS-DETECTIVES. Community Professional Private Investigators of the CIS.

Our guarantees and principles of work
  • A high level of customer service
  • An individual approach to each client
  • Confidentiality of information
  • The reliability of the information provided
  • Operative solving problems
  • Analytical approach
  • Help preferential categories of citizens, is also found themselves in difficult situations
  • Availability of license and a contract for the provision of security services or detective
Work principles
  • We do not share received during the information to third parties
  • We will not enter the client's confusion about his problems
  • We will not reveal the apartment
  • We do not sell non-lethal weapons and special equipment
  • We do not work with clients whose goals are not clear to us or cause doubts
  • We do not work with clients who do not leave the coordinates for the feedback
  • We do not operate under the "payment by results"
The private detective - who is he?

Having got to a difficult life experience and having tried to find the help in the law enforcement agencies, many citizens, face for the first time bureaucratic red tape and indifference. Thus speech in most cases goes about the situations accompanied by emotional heat, threatening to develop to a nervous breakdown. The urgent help is required, render which the private detective can. Thanks to modern literature and a cinema which do recently the…

How to choose detective agency

Far not everyone in the life should address to services of detective agency. But everyone, from those who addresses, should make for itself(himself) quite difficult choice: where to address specifically? The market is the market. Work of private detective agency is too business where there are leaders and outsiders, there is a competition, there is the highest skill and there is a dishonesty. The only way will find the "correct" detective agency…

What is the detective agency?

For example, when suddenly it seems to us that the wife (or the husband) too long began to be late at meetings, and the teenage child became closed, and he is tormented obviously by any problems. Necessarily in your soul the most awful suspicions start to creep in. There are also more concrete situations. For example, having looked in the morning in a window, you with chagrin note that on your car already someone left, at all without having asked…

+7 (985) 990-98-48
+7 (926) 997-47-47
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