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Cost of services decides at a meeting of the customer (or his representative) on a detective, after determination of scale of the
planned work. The meeting occurs at agency office, also according to the preliminary arrangement in a place convenient to the customer.
Performance of service occurs after contract signing between the parties.


Information services


  • collection of information on individual - from 15000 rubles
  • collection of information on the legal entity - from 20000 rubles
  • collection of information about contractors - from 15000 rubles
  • granting extracts EGRUL and EGRIP - from 3000 rubles
  • installation of existence of personal and real estate, and also forms of ownership on citizens and the organizations - from 15000 rubles
  • installation of an official place of work - 15000 rubles
  • installation of the actual place of work - 15000 rubles
  • installation of the actual residence - 20000 rubles
  • information on movement of the individual on the territory of the Russian Federation - 20000 rubles


Family problems


  • identification of the fact of matrimonial incorrectness - from 15000 rubles
  • check of a way of life - from 15000 rubles
  • check of a way of life of the child - from 13000 rubles


Supervision, shadowing supervision


  • over stationary object - of 10000 rubles (day \night)
  • behind the car - 15000 rubles
  • for the pedestrian - 15000 rubles
  • Cost includes photo video documenting. The prices for this service are specified from calculation of 10 hours (day or night) works of group of field investigators. At the order less than 10 hours – payment is raised as for day \night of work.


Search of people


  • search of missing persons - from 35000 rubles
  • search of disappearing relatives - from 35000 rubles
  • search of debtors and swindlers - from 75000 rubles


Professional investigations


  • investigations and search of criminals on criminal cases - from 90000 rubles


Technical services


  • car check on the private I will eat information - 15000 of rubles
  • check of placements on the private I will eat information - 600 rubles of sq.m
  • check on a polygraph (lie detector) - from 5000 rubles/people


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