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We have a wide experience before judicial settlement of problems with legal entities and individuals. Specialists of our agency will collect all necessary data on the debtor. On the basis of these documents, our experts will draw the conclusion about carrying out actions for collection of debt. Practical experience showed that at competent negotiating, debtors don't wait for transfer of business to court and repay a debt. All actions for return of debts are carried out according to laws of the Russian Federation.

The modern legislation allows the solution of problems on return of debts, without resorting to obligatory trial in court. Practically any question can be solved, having collected and having carefully analysed information, and also by carrying out the qualified negotiations with conflicting parties. However it doesn't exclude completely possibility of judicial proceedings as this way of collection of debt from the debtor also is one of options of a solution.

The intense situation arising owing to an unresolved problem, because of refund failure, can become a source of serious troubles and an obstacle to successful development of business. Thus both partners not always understand what independently to rectify situation they not in forces. To avoid it, it is necessary to address in kollektorsky agency. Our experts will render vamkollektorsky services, will help to transfer return of debts from a disputed problem to category solved and whenever possible to exclude judicial collection of debt.