Investigation on civil and criminal cases

Investigation on civil and criminal cases

Investigation process, and subsequently and consideration of criminal and civil cases, provides studying and the analysis of all circumstances of this business. According to the law, the main participants of process have the right to attach before adjudication to business materials the various proofs concerning trial. However independently to collect important information which in a root can change a progress of the case, rather difficult. It is better to address in that case to professionals of private detective agency who have all lawful bases on this kind of activity.

Practice of the last years specifies that the official contractual relations with detective agency on collection of information on criminal cases, allow to provide more objective and detailed investigation in law enforcement and judicial authorities.

If business is in civil process - surely consult with the private detective who will prompt, which information (proving) the positive outcome in court doesn't suffice to provide case of the claimant, or the respondent to business.

Staff of detective agency is rather legally grounded, has a wide experience of operative work in the field of investigations that allows to understand business of any complexity. In an arsenal of the private detective mass of ways and the receptions, promoting operative collecting all necessary information which reliability is guaranteed.

The detective agency of "Alpha-VVP" gross domestic product renders the maximum assistance to investigating authorities within the Russian Legislation. Our employees natives of power and pravokhranitelny bodies of the Russian Federation. Involvement of detective agency for acceleration of process of investigation - the decision competent and recommended by us. At investigation we fulfill all versions of a crime.

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