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Never thought that in my life there will be such situation that it is necessary to address to services of the private detective. I am a journalist and worked at one of federal channels, in the program, just and was about a crime! Neither time, nor forces wasn't to carry out long research on the Internet! Having rung out some agencies, stopped on Alpha gross domestic product, probably purely intuitively! For very short time to me could help, the most important that to my analytical mentality it became clear that I never could will cope with this situation! Everything was made very professionally and accurately, and the main thing within the law, I can estimate it, worked much with law enforcement agencies! The contract in which all works and the prices are registered was issued! Pleasantly, that it were absolutely human sums and terms! I would like to express huge gratitude personally to Vladimir Vladimirovich Panasenkov and huge gratitude from me personally and from my family! Because could it will turn out so that it would be simple to write this letter not to whom … Yours faith fulli. Marianna Abramyan.

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