Detective Panasenkov
The Good, the honor and glory!
Vladimir Vladimirovich
+7 (985) 990-98-48
+7 (926) 997-47-47
skype: v.v.p-x
Confidentiality guaranteed!

I, Rufimsky Nikolay Alekseevich and my civil wife Luchkina Natalia Ivanovna, also all our relatives, friends - we want to express huge gratitude to all staff of detective agency of "Alpha gross domestic product" and its head Panasenkov Vladimir, for the timely help in the solution of our hard problem, it is possible to tell - trouble! Everything was made qualitatively and operatively, high level of professionalism is shown! We recommended this agency to many acquaintances, friends. We know, helped much, all remained are very happy with their work. Saw their motto on a wall at office - ”Advantage, Honour and Glory”. Yours faithfully and gratitude!

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