The private detective - who is he?

The private detective - who is he?

Having got to a difficult life experience and having tried to find the help in the law enforcement agencies, many citizens, face for the first time bureaucratic red tape and indifference. Thus speech in most cases goes about the situations accompanied by emotional heat, threatening to develop to a nervous breakdown. The urgent help is required, render which the private detective can.

Thanks to modern literature and a cinema which do recently the main emphasis on detectives, today a large number of inhabitants of our country consider itself as professionals in operatively search activity, capable to solve practically any crime.

But not everything is so simple. And the knowledge obtained from films and telecasts, it is not enough. If you consider yourselves as the real private detective, pay attention that his activity is defined by the legislation existing in our country, and, more precisely, the Law of the Russian Federation «About private detective and security activity in the Russian Federation» from 11.03.1992 No. 2487-1.

Thus the private detective can't be engaged in other kinds of activity and hold leading posts. This work should be his main. To have special the license - it is obligatory. Main this desire to come to the rescue, enthusiasm reasonably, sharpness and diligence.

Than it is possible to be engaged …

The private detective will help you in search of the gone people, to collect necessary data for carrying out a consequence on criminal and civil cases, to find the stolen things and the thief, will find out, your business partner is how reliable in the financial plan and precisely learns, who can lend money and to whom it it is not necessary to do.

Thus the private detective has the right to ask citizens, to use various writing-down equipment, to collect necessary supplied and information, to analyze them and to do conclusions.

And that it is impossible to do to the private detective …

It is impossible to hide information received during carried-out investigation if it contains data on the preparing crime and criminals from law enforcement agencies.

It is impossible to interfere with another's private life and to collect the data connected with it.

It is impossible to carry out a photo and shooting video without receiving the corresponding permission.

Activity of the private detective can't negatively affect the rights and freedoms of citizens.

The private detective should cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

And one more important moment. You pay to the private detective and can demand from it information or the report on the done work. And here in militia thus you hardly can arrive.

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