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Search of listening devices

Thanks to a wide circulation of listening devices which were used by only special services of official bodies earlier, danger of leakage of confidential information access to which is strictly limited today is rather increased. Use of the tiny electronic equipment disguised in the most unpredictable places is rather widespread way receiving the classified information. Very seldom "bugs" are established with good intentions. Most likely, information collected thus will be used in the mercenary purposes of the person interested in listening. The secret information which has become property of extraneous persons, bears in itself serious danger. It is not necessary to hope that this sort of equipment will be noticed in time by you. Technologies in this area left far forward, and without knowing business subtleties, it is very difficult to prevent unauthorized listening.

To provide to itself possibility to run quietly business without presence «extraneous eyes and ears», it is necessary to address periodically to specialists of detective agency who will carry out complex check of all necessary objects on existence of sources of information leakage. Thanks to experience and professionalism of staff of detective agency, your order will be executed quickly and qualitatively. The report following the results of work with detailed recommendations of the expert will be provided right after completion of check.

In order that «secret didn't become obvious», similar checks should be carried out with some periodicity. Only in such a way it is possible to save the secrets from invasion of extraneous persons. Prevention with a view of saving of important information - first of all.