Check on a polygraph

Check on a polygraph

The modern polygraph represents the computer to which sensors are connected. To their help there is a measurement and fixation of a number of the physiological indicators relating to activity of vegetative nervous system. Reliability of a polygraph is directly connected with number of fixed parameters: the more, the more authentically. At decision-making all their complex in aggregate with specific features of the examinee is considered.

Experts know that there is no direct link between physiological indicators and sincerity of the person. "Lie detector" registers extent of excitement checked, but unable to define the true reason of changes fixed by the device. The solving word always remains for poligrafology.

Our experts will develop the program for individual research proceeding from the purposes and tasks for each separate case. Accuracy of poligrafny forecasts is very high.

By the correct drawing up of a questionnaire the probability of receiving reliable information is reached 95 %.

The polygraph is actively used in major companies and intelligence services, for personnel check at employment, checks of employees on honesty, investigation of thefts and other crimes where there are suspects.

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