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The Good, the honor and glory!
Vladimir Vladimirovich
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Confidentiality guaranteed!

Ten reasons why it is necessary to address in detective

  • Our Agency renders detective and security services not only to individuals, but also the organizations on many available questions. Familiarize with which you can both on a site, and by phone, having received free consultation.
  • We are ready to help with the solution of any tasks, irrespective of their scale of the importance and the price.
  • In work on the first place we put interests of the client, on our account of ten successfully investigated affairs and hundred objective consultations provided to clients, positive customer reviews about work of our Agency - result of harmonious and accurate work of all collective.
  • We guarantee full confidentiality of the solution of all your questions, preservation of your secrets in secret is an integral part of our work.
  • In our agency professionals work only. The majority of experts have experience of operative work and now are officers of special services in resignation. These are the honest, decent people loving the profession and ready to apply the knowledge and skills for objective performance in the solution of your questions.
  • We possess all necessary technical possibilities with use of modern effective electronic equipment, for the solution of problems of any complexity.
  • We are ready to come to the rescue at any time, in any place. Don't postpone the problems for tomorrow, the appeal to detectives should be timely. Call!
  • We often work in situations when people need the immediate help, performing the work honest, diligently and professionally.
  • Our activity is based on the current legislation and its strict observance.
  • For performance of objectives, we actively use communications with colleagues not only in Moscow, but also in other cities, the countries.
  • We consist in the International Police Association (IPA) therefore we can work worldwide!
  • We consist in Association of Veterans of special divisions and special services "Centre-Veteran".
  • We consist in Detective Alliance. Russian Union of Professional Investigators.
  • We consist in CIS-DETECTIVES. Community Professional Private Investigators of the CIS.