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About private detective and security activity in the Russian Federation

The law Russian Federation from March 11, 1992 of N 2487-I
"About private detective and security activity in the Russian Federation"
(with changes from March 21, 2002, on January 10, 2003, on June 6, 2005)
Article 3. Types of private detective and security activity.

With a view of investigation granting the following types of service is authorized:

1. collecting data on civil cases on a contractual basis with participants of process;
2. market studying, collection of information for business negotiations, identification of insolvent or unreliable business partners;
3. establishment of circumstances of a misuse in business activity of logos and names, an unfair competition, and also disclosure of the data making a trade secret;
4. clarification of biographic and other data characterizing the personality about certain citizens (from their written consent) at the conclusion them labor and other contracts;
5. search of people of missing persons;
6. search lost by citizens or the enterprises, establishments, the property organizations;
7. collecting data on criminal cases on a contractual basis with participants of process. Within days from the moment of the conclusion of the contract with the client on collecting such data the private detective is obliged to notify in writing on it the person making inquiry, the inspector, the prosecutor or court, in whose production there is a criminal case.

To the enterprises which are carrying out private detective and security activity, the right to promote law enforcement agencies in providing a law and order, including on a contractual basis is provided.

To the physical and legal entities who do not have legal status of the private detective, the private detective enterprise or association, the private security guard or the private security company or security and detective division, it is forbidden to render the services listed in the present article.

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